Got Stress?

Stress is one of those problems that is very difficult to control.  Most people are stressed for one reason or another, and believe it or not, it can wreak havoc with your teeth!  Clenching and grinding can increase when you're stressed.  It's very easy not to notice that you're doing it, but often your significant other will be the one to let you know.  The muscles of your jaw, when stressed, can cause headaches and jaw pain.  The clenching and grinding can cause random tooth pains and aches, and crack lines OR complete fractures of teeth.  You put more forces on your teeth while sleeping, so we normally recommend a professionally made nightguard, or deprogrammer, to try and relax your jaw and get you to stop the clenching/grinding habit at night.  Let us know if you think you may be grinding.  Otherwise, we may notice on our own by evidence of fractured or flattened teeth!

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