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April 30, 2012
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We have patients of all ages who are undergoing orthodontic treatment.  Some are strictly for aesthetic purposes, but many are to create a more ideal bite.  It's important to have your teeth in proper alignment due to all the wear and tear that we put them through on a daily basis.  Some of your adult teeth have been in your mouths since you were only SIX years old!  These teeth have been used for chewing, tearing (I always think of a good portuguese pop), and of course the clenching and grinding that we'd all love to be able to stop.  If your teeth are not aligned well, they will wear down faster, crack easier, and be more likely to ache.  Orthodontic straightening of teeth is also very helpful in good oral hygiene.  They're easier to keep clean and free from stain because they aren't overlapped!


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